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From one to another

From one to another…

Preston Taylor (Founder of Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards) says: I have to believe that we all resonate with the music we lived with as we navigated our teenage years. That would mean that traditional country and classic rock will be around at least until my generation dies off. My parents thought my music was trash. I hate most of today’s popular music. That is one of the thousand reasons I love Texas Sounds. Because of our selection process, we get to feature and celebrate GOOD country music of many types. We have heard great innovative new country songs from unusual bands such as 058LOVEFLOWERS, and Bound By Law. We have heard traditional country done by Axel OmarssonMax Tyler, and Marty Haggard Music. We witness the future of emotive country from Rúnar effAlamo Country BandThe Wild Horses, and Stiaan Reynierse. I look forward to each and every performance at this year’s Texas Sounds.